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Our Program:

Atommata Software Developers &  Researchers is the coding & research arm of We Create Art for Design & Technology - a member company of Business Strategists & Custodians. Given the fact that a great section of the global economy is today dependent on quantitative methods, our data & design-driven organization strives to use: quantitative models derived from mathematical or statistical analyses and artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms, in its problem solving. Headquartered in Dubai - UAE, Atommata also has operations in Kilifi & Nairobi County - Kenya both of which help in developing & maintaining its global presence & perspective. Our solutions are primarily designed & targeted for the African markets as the continent attempts to catch up with other leading global economies. 

To ensure that we build first class teams & products, Atommata recruits from all over the world. Our program is ideal for persons with interests in the following areas:
1. Financial Quantitative Analysis
2. Machine Learning or Engineering
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Mathematics or Physics
5. Big Data or Data Science
6. Blockchain Technologies
7. Cyber Security or Cryptanalysis 

Why You Should Join Us:

At Atommata, you will get a unique opportunity to work first hand on our open source & commercial projects which touch on exciting areas such as: systematic trading, smart cities, omnichannels, cryptocurrencies, ecosystems & more, in the enigmatic African market. Our ideal members are those that hardly ever back away from a problem, especially if it offers them an opportunity to be the provider of the initial breakthrough solutions across the market. Our teams are encouraged to pioneer & put their imaginations to test as they go about their day to day activities. By way of making use of flexible work schedules that allow for part-time contribution, members can also contribute to our cause without disrupting their independent academic or vocational paths.

Getting Started:

In order to get started, create a member account on our online membership platform & proceed to submit your application portfolio or resume as instructed & await confirmation.

The Atommata Software Developers & Researchers' management team ascertains applicants that intellectual property rights relating to portfolio submissions will not be infringed as our systems are designed to guard & protect such rights. Applicants should, therefore, submit their best application in full confidence.

Kindly ensure that you include a link to your LinkedIn account & your email for official contact when submitting your application or risk being overlooked.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply here.